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Studio B is your canvas for musical genius.


Where innovation meets inspiration.


Studio B stands as the top choice for our elite producers. Immerse yourself in a setting equipped with the finest recording gear, anchored by the SSL XL Desk and our signature Augspurger monitors. Crafted for brilliance, Studio B is your gateway to the next chart-topping masterpiece.

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Key features

In Studio B, every sound is a stroke of brilliance, echoing the harmonious blend of innovation and inspiration.

Studio B

Tube-Tech CL1-B

Dive deep into the world of sound with our classic optical compressor, perfect for vocals and bass, ensuring unparalleled sonic purity.

Studio B

ELX-8 Distressor

Experience the warmth of vintage sound with harmonic distortion, bringing a unique sonic experience to your tracks.

Avalon 737sp

A Class A preamp with three input selections, offering versatility and precision for every recording.


Elevate your sound with our pristine audio console, featuring the Super Analogue signal path.

Studio B stands as the top choice for uor


Crafted for brilliance, it’s equipped with the finest recording gear, anchored by the SSL XL Desk and our signature Augspurger monitors. This studio is your gateway to creating the next chart-topping masterpiece.

With our top-tier equipment and expert team, we ensure that your sound is nothing short of perfection. Whether you’re recording a single track or an entire album, Studio B offers an environment that inspires creativity and excellence.



At Morplay Studios, we believe in offering more than just a recording space. Our extras are designed to boost the music of artists, ensuring a unique and unparalleled experience.

Manley Reference Microphone

Capture your vocals with precision using our traditional Manley tube circuitry microphone. Experience a large sound with an all-tube design and a switchable 10dB pad.

Xplorer Heritage

Dive into a memorable playing experience with the Gibson Explorer. Its resonant mahogany body and twin Burstbucker pickups deliver a tight low end, complex midrange, and sweet highs.

Baldwin Grand Piano

Enrich your tracks with the deep and crisp sounds of our Baldwin Grand Piano. Its maple rim projects sound without distortion, offering a beautiful tonal and dynamic sound.

Why Choose Morplay’s Extras?

Our extras are not just equipment; they are the essence of what makes Morplay Studios stand out. Whether you’re looking to add depth to your tracks with our Baldwin Grand Piano or capture crystal clear vocals with our Manley Reference Microphone, our extras are designed to elevate your sound.

Ready to experience the Morplay difference? 

Book your session today and let our extras take your music to the next level.


Beyond State-Of-The-Art Facilities

Step into our studios, a realm where creativity flows freely. 

At MorPlay Studios, we don’t just record music; we elevate it. Let’s take your sound to unparalleled heights.

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